Dreamsongs by Sean Perrin

Sean Perrin is a clarinetist based in Calgary, Alberta (Canada), which is also where I grew up from 2002. In Calgary, Perrin is known as a skilled educator, clarinetist, and of course, the owner of Clarineat, a podcast that deals with “everything that is neat about the clarinet.”

Perrin released his first CD, entitled Dreamsongs, almost a year ago in May of 2016. Dreamsongs is an all-cover album, consisted of some of the most iconic pieces of music by the American composer Philip Glass and the legendary pianist Chick Corea. All pieces are tastefully arranged for various instrumentations including the clarinet, the marimba, and the vibraphone by Perrin himself. Perrin is also a skilled percussionist himself and shows off his lyrical playing on the album on both the clarinet and the marimba (Truman Sleeps).

In this otherwise somewhat minimalist album, Perrin successfully explores the many personalities of the clarinet. Perrin’s playing is expressive and personal. Along with the grounded and flowing sounds of the marimba played by Rob Maciak, another powerhouse musician from Calgary, Perrin’s clarinet sounds very much alive, curious, and vulnerable. Throughout listening to Dreamsongs I kept visualizing a chick that had just hatched and is discovering the world around it.

Every track flows beautifully from one to the next and is beautifully recorded, mixed, mastered, by Spencer Cheyene, and produced by Tyler Hornby.


Sean Perrin, Clarinet and Marimba

Rob Maciak, Marimba and Vibraphone

Spencer Cheyne, Engineering, mixing, and mastering

Tyler Hornby, Producer

Available at:

Clarineat, Amazon, Spotify, etc.


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