Mouthpiece of the Month

Vandoren- M30D

price: ~$157.90 USD

specs: thick rails (especially the tip), open tip-opening, long lay (but easy to control the articulation unlike M30)

intonation: exceptional, lower in pitch than “European”-pitched mouthpieces

articulation: great for active/ soloistic tonguing

control: easy control with active air

blend: blends very well in chamber music settings

resistance: more resistant than most French style mouthpieces (except for B40, B40 lyre, B45, etc.) but not bad after one or two days of getting used to

sound: big, warm, mellow, velvety sound that is not overwhelming or takes too much control away from the player (which I find is the case of B40)

reed: recommended with 3.5 Traditional reeds (V12 might be too stuffy since the mouthpiece is already quite fluffy)

style: recommended for solo/ chamber for flexibility (responsibility) for shaping phrases


-can be played on both German and Boehm system clarinets

-available only on soprano clarinets at the moment

stands out for: intonation, articulation, evenness in sound from bottom to top, and smooth “German” sound

watch out for: perhaps not the best for orchestral playing as I find shorter lay/facing mouthpieces are better for that (B40, Grabner, etc.) in their strengths in immediacy of (super focused) sound

Musical Samples

Carl Maria von Weber:

Michael Jarrell:


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